A.1 | Matta-Clark | A destruição como memória

“Matta-Clark fragments or splinters architecture, turning it into a kind of reverse Cubism or ‘anti-monument’, but one whose task is to reconstitute memory, not conventional memory as in the traditional monument, but that subversive memory which has been hidden by social and architectural façades and their false sense of ‘wholeness’.”

– Dan Graham

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 “I see the work as a special stage in perpetual metamorphosis, a model for people’s constant action on space as much as in the space that surrounds them. Buildings are fixed entities in the minds of most – the notion of mutable space is virtually taboo – even in one’s own house. People live in their space with a temerity that is frightening. Home owners generally do little more than maintain their property. It’s a baffling how rarely the people get involved in fundamentally changing their place by simple undoing it.”
“I’m experimenting with alternative uses of space that are most familiar...This work reacts against a hygienic obsession in the name of redevelopment which sweeps away what litle there is of an American past, to be cleansed by pavement and parking. What might have been a richly layered underground is being excavated for deeper, new building foundations. Only our garbage heaps are soared as they fill up with history.”

– Gordon Matta-Clark

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Texto e imagens via : Gordon Matta-Clark, Corinne Diserens, Phaidon