the powerful point

André Tavares
Notes on the operativity of theory and critic as decisive tools for architectural design

Hypothesis 1. Beginning
The Project begins with an indecipherable social compromise.  Critic and theory are an obstacle, if not handled with ability. For those who cannot draw, nothing worse than starting a project with a drawing. For those who cannot theorize, nothing worse than starting a project with theoretical activity. For those who do not know, nothing better than starting. Start, having in sight the power of all things.

Hypothesis 2. Strength
The strength of a project it's the amplified sum of energy used by all workers in the work construction. Without work, the project strength is the hope of this powerful movement. With the work, the project strength is the anxiety of this expenditure. In theory, the theory is the imagination of this incommensurable strength.

Hypothesis 3. Network
The critic fights the solitude. The critical dialogue is an act of solidarity, as the project is a collective act. Things are not powerful points that parade in linear sequences. The mediation processes don't misrepresent the heat of reality, are just another reality. The real is violent, exists, and the project is the way to another real. To cover this trajectory there are no sequences, just inconsequent and fruitful relations. Theory is lonely and useless. Critic is a navigation tool.

Hypothesis 4. Singularity
We are, inexorably condemn to solitude. The hypothesis of the construction of the real is the perfect scenario to share an illusion. Theory and critic can help compensating the unfair unbalance of architecture. In solitude, in the discussion, in the relation between beings that originate things, critic and theory are tools to be in. And being in, we can build a real that is not just singular.

André Tavares
Architect. Professor. Dafne publications. Porto

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