Exposição | Living: Frontiers of architecture III-IV


Exposição | Louisiana Museum of Modern Art | Copenhaga
01.06 -  02.10
Inspiring, surprising and thought-provoking. Louisiana's large-scale summer exhibition is full of impressions and insights into the multiple ways we live in the world today.

How we live, where, why, and with whom. These are but a few of the aspects covered in Louisiana's impressive and diverse summer exhibition - the last in the series Frontiers of Architecture. LIVING investigates the concepts of home and new modes of life through architectural, social and cultural looks at the world today.
In an extensive look through an anthropological lens, Living presents a crossover between architectural projects and art installations. Glimpses of a number of current ‘case stories’ from a wide variety of places in the world show how social development all over the world is creating a diversity of ways of living, communicating and dwelling, and how the many tendencies are reflected in the home. Architects are challenged to present ideas for an architecture that relates to shared human ideas of the individual and the social network.  
“To live is to leave traces”  Walter Benjamin
The anthropological layer in the exhibition is expressed through proposals for how human relations across geographical and national boundaries create alternative collective interests – from the ‘single’ life to collectives, from the Roma to the nouveau riche.
The exhibition looks at a cross-section of a wide field where an extract, a compressed picture of the world right now, appears in a kaleidoscopic pattern. Film, video, photography, drawings, models and installations visualize this diversity, commented on in depth in interviews with artists and architects. Separate large installations form part of the themes of the exhibition, each of which is rounded off with a ‘case story’.

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